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granny square

the basic granny square pattern

So, I have decided to try and use up some of the “lots and lots” of extra yarn that I have around here.  It’s ridiculous….I mean, who needs storage tubs full of yarn that just isn’t getting used?

It is the curse of the crocheter  (and knitters too, I would guess).  You just can’t let go of ANY yarn, regardless of how long you have had it or whether you have a project for it.  I guess that is why they are called stashes…But the stash is too big!   My closet is full and the garage is getting the overflow. The time has come to take this abundance seriously.  What can you use yarns of all different colours and weights for?   I mean, it’s not as if they all coordinate and I really want to make a large size dent in the pile.


Thinking back to the very first projects of my youth gave me the answer.  What did every beginning crocheter learn to make in the seventies?  What did I hook with my coveted, scrounged up, mismatched yarns?  What says seventies crochet like nothing else?  You betcha… granny squares!

Funky, hipper than hip, psychedelic inspired, granny squares !  I was a self taught crocheting kid and I remember the joy that I took in each slightly misshapen but “oh so cool” granny square that I made.

bea's square

bea’s square

Granny squares seem to have come a long way from my memories of them and there are some really beautiful, intricate patterns out there.

So, I have chosen six that I am intrigued by and will play around with them.  Other than the basic square I have used flowers as my unifying theme.  I thought I should have something to tie it together as the yarn choices are going to be so random.

african flower square

african flower square

purple daisy

rosie posie granny square

Squares are so satisfying.  Each one is a little project of it’s own, with it’s own personality and pizazz.  I have a feeling that this is going to make me one very, special afghan!