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Yesterday was a very Top Secret Bridal Stuff stuffed day…you would think that I was getting married next week rather than having no date set!  My dear friend accompanied  me to a Pronovias trunk show at Blush Bridal where it became very apparent that the dress for me is the one that I had tried on here a few weeks previously.

I tried a few just because she wanted to see me in them and I thought that SOMEONE should have a good cry at the bridal store..( that’s just not me.. I am prancing around admiring myself…not crying!).  I think that she may not have needed Kleenex until THE dress  (it is tea/cocktail length so calling it a gown just doesn’t seem right..)  but she might have started with the first one.  Can’t be sure..I was rapidly critiquing and discarding as is my way.

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Turns out that my mind was already made up and that this was just a “because I should” bridal adventure.  As soon as I put it on I knew again that this was exactly what I wanted to wear. I was was already well on to accessories and had them chosen and ready to “jack me up” with before the dress was even on.
I didn’t want to take it off, just twirled around  (it’s very twirly!)  and around and around.  A dress that can move a woman of “mature” years to twirl like a little girl in a room full of strangers just needs to be worn!