I am faced with a dilemma.

My recent engagement has released a previously somewhat restrained fascination with all things bridal. It was always there but now that I can legitimately obsess without seeming just a little silly, the floodgates are unleashed.

In my youth I worked as a server in a banquet facility that hosted many, many wedding receptions as well as a few ceremonies and I loved it! Over time I really came to have definite preferences and tastes about wedding choices. All my friends reading this are laughing now…what? you? definite opinions? Who knew?


I want to explore bridal in a way that also makes room for my love of “making it myself”. Already I have decided that my bridal ensemble must have a few touches that I have fashioned myself and I have been happily scouring crochet sites for touches that I can incorporate into my look.

But back to my dilemma, while I adore that my fiance’ follows my blog if I post all the fun, creative ideas that I find…..there will be no surprise!

So, I have come up with a plan. Everything bridal will have a title that leaves no doubt to the content and I will ask that he just give those ones a pass. I mean, it’s perfectly fine if I am talking about decor or venue because of course he will be part of that decision but my wedding day garb is now TOP SECRET….shhhh.

Maybe that will be the code….Top Secret Bridal Stuff!