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I got engaged over the holidays!!!

Just as I was thinking of adding Bridal as a category it occurred to me that my guy is a faithful follower of this inaugural blogging venture of mine ( thanks for that, sweetie!). Since I am traditional enough to want to keep my bridal look a surprise I can’t start posting every gown that strikes my fancy. Where is the mystery in that?

So, I suppose that the bridal research will just have to remain on my brand new Bridal Pinterest board. I am pretty sure that my Pinterest boards hold little interest for him and are a safe place to let my wedding fantasies run wild. Don’t want to scare the poor guy!

I have been fairly addicted to cruising for gowns ever since he surprised me with a lovely ring that perfectly reflects my taste in bridal style. I am very fond of vintage style, especially the 1920’s and the 1950’s when it comes to bridal gown fashion.

I got to musing about how to have a ceremony and celebration that embodies both our personalities. Weddings that are personal, intimate and reflective of the couple are the absolute best in my opinion. So, I have been thinking of all the things that make us happy…as individuals and as a couple.


This got me to thinking of this wonderful wedding that I had come across on line. The bride loves crochet and had worked it beautifully into the wedding. If you are reading this sweetie, don’t worry! I am not suggesting that we have a crochet wedding but I think that I will post it here as an example of how to work the simple things that one loves into that special day.


There is something in me that just knows that there will have to be something that I fashioned with my own two hands somewhere in our wedding day. Time will tell what that might be….so, ideas gratefully accepted!

The photos are linked to the photo gallery of their sweet and special day.