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I got a new (to me) coffee table recently from an online classifieds site. It looks like it is from the seventies? and is in perfect shape, so unlike my stained and scratched former table I want to keep this one as pretty as possible!

I have not bothered with coasters since the days when my coffee table was new and that was many, many years ago.  Rather than buying something I thought that it would be fun to crochet my own….


As usual I scoured for patterns (the research is one of my favourite parts of a project) and came up with many adorable choices.  After a test run of some I decided on these two as having the most bang for my buck.

They are both very easy, quick to make and really cute. I used a yellow cotton that I had on hand….the type that you make dishcloths and such from. They are so cute that I think that I will go back into my stash and see what other colours I have!


The photos are linked to the original blog post so just give them a click!