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So, of course, the first apron started is the last apron finished. I have a teensy, tiny problem with completion sometimes. If how one works on their projects has any life lessons for us, mine is that I can’t let go and just be done already!

There is always a seam that just isn’t “quite right” or a crochet stitch that might just look better a different way. So, to the side the PAINFULLY close to completion piece of sewing or crochet goes to wait until the day that  I summon enough discipline to push through and let that baby be done.

Sometimes putting it aside does allow the creative juices to flow and I come up with something bigger and brighter than I first had, but mostly it means that I just have an unfinished project. I call them my prototypes.  The work that I use to get the snags out.

When is good enough, good enough?

This apron was most definitely a prototype. Re-fashioned from a skirt that I just couldn’t let go of because the print was so fun even though it just never really suited me.That’s okay though. Since I buy almost all my clothing at consignment or thrift stores I never feel too guilty when something doesn’t work out.DSCF1270

The idea of refashioning clothing is very exciting to me and something that I will be posting more of as I play around with different projects.

For this, I simply opened the skirt at the back, cut a few panels out and then created a ruffle with that fabric and a contrasting fabric. I added  to the original ties with the same contrasting fabric so that it could be wrapped right around the body and tied in a cute bow in the front.

It really wasn’t difficult and I am not even sure why it took me so long to complete. Just a little bit of not being able to let go till it’s “just right”?