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I am going to a Christmas cookie exchange this weekend and the hostess loves mid-century design. My friend would be in her element in a little black dress covered by a fancy apron, sipping martinis by the silver tinsel Christmas tree, while Frank Sinatra crooned in the background.

What a golden opportunity to play with the apron making. Especially as I have been lucky enough to be gifted recently with a LARGE amount of fabric including some very traditional Christmas prints. Not really the kind of design that I would normally be drawn to but I always love the challenge of making something work (can you tell that I am a massive “Project Runway” fan?).

I wanted to strike the right balance between “what fun!” and “um…yeah, hmmm, so let’s get to those cookies”.


I threw all the prints together on the bed and looked for the combination that caught my eye and started cutting. After playing around so much lately with different pattern ideas it was fairly simple to figure out what I wanted without a pattern. I was going for a really basic construct that wouldn’t frustrate me during the sewing process and allow me to have fun with the jazz…

In this case the jazz was the rick rack in combo with the prints. There is nothing like rick rack to instantly add vintage to an item. Okay, maybe there are some other things but rick rack is my favourite! I think that it is a “child of the seventies” thing.

Everything came together pretty much as I had envisioned it, which is always exciting. I think that I managed to hit the edge between ironically cute and over the top…what do you think?