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I did a lot of searching to find free apron patterns and came up with some really great ones. This half apron is really easy…I didn’t bother with the overlay; just added pockets instead.


Another half that looks fun to do is this reversible apron.


free apron pattern - reversible apron

I have tons more and will post them in the coming days; the link below is a great collection of many of the sites that I found them on.


Then I spotted a really cute full apron in Home Sense for $12.99. At that price I wondered momentarily why I was so hell bent on making my own! But only momentarily..we all know how satisfying it is to give a gift that you have crafted yourself. SO, I bought it and used it as a template. No measuring, no printing PDF pattern pieces. I cut around it leaving room for seams and gathering and all in all I have to say that it worked out really well!

The pink flowered full apron was made that way.  The fabric is a (seventies?) sheet from the thrift store and that made it even better. I had picked it up on one of my usual thrift store cruises just knowing that I would have a use for it someday.

If I can do it, you can do it.

P.S. Please comment if the links don’t work. I am brand new to blogging and want to get it right. Drives me nutty when I see something great and then can’t access it!